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Our Values


Our vision is to build a strong profitable company in partnership with our colleagues, customers and suppliers and become a model organisation in the York area.

The Good Business Charter is a fantastic statement of everything a successful and ethical business should be achieving, and positively promoting. Tele-Products Ltd are proud to be a Member of an organisation that recognises the very best qualities and behaviour’s in business, which in turn delivers the very best for our customers, suppliers and staff.

Our accreditation to the Good Business Charter commits us to the following.

1. We will pay directly employed and regularly contracted staff the real living wage as set out by the Living Wage Foundation. 

2. We will not have any staff on zero hours contracts.

3. We actively support and encourage employee well-being treating those with legitimate sickness in a fair and respectful manner and promote access to impartial support and advice for employees with physical and mental health needs. This can include signposting to NHS services or charities.

4. Every employee can make suggestions or raise issues with senior management if the need arises.


5. We have measures in place to encourage diversity at key stages of recruitment, selection and retention of employees. We also have in place robust measures to prevent harassment or victimisation in the workplace.

6. We encourage the development of good environmental practice and always strive to minimise our impact. Staff are encouraged to understand the importance of combating climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

7. We commit to pay our taxes where applicable, and only use tax allowances for the purpose intended, and be transparent in our relationship with HMRC, providing all relevant information and to cooperate in resolving any disputes.

8. We have a clear commitment to customers and prioritise addressing and learning from customer feedback, seeking to put negative issues right.

9. We will work with our key suppliers to ensure ethical sourcing of anything we purchase. If we are made aware of any issues we will work to remedy the situation and change suppliers if necessary.

10. We are committed to paying our suppliers promptly, and within 30 days.

Tele-Products Ltd. Board of Directors

September 2022

Tele-Products Ltd. Registered in England Number 02295985. VAT Number GB500807779

Copyright 2021 by Tele-Products Ltd

Registered Office: 11 Glaisdale Road, Northminster Business Park, York YO26 6QT

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